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About us

We are a young association founded in June 2017.
The aim of the Association and founders is to gather cultural art societies, choreographers, dancers, musicians, independent craftsmen (potters, sculptors, painters, taverns ...), ethno singers, choirs and others. All with the goal of preserving amateur, cultural educational and educational activity, as well as Serbian tradition and culture.

Our existence and work was recognized by the Serbian Patriarch Mr. Irinej who gave us the blessing for the spiritual and cultural mission of our Association.

The day of the Association is considered May 12 when we celebrate day of the Association asa saint day -Sv. Vasily Ostroski.




On Saturday, September 16, from 4:00 p.m., in the gallery of the Božidarac Cultural Institution, as part of the European Heritage Day, our Association is organizing a lecture on the importance of the traditions of our people. Entrance is free.


On Saturday, September 9, we traditionally organize our folklore meetings in Belgrade. Belgrade spreads its branches and accepts us veterans.


In the Assembly of the City of Belgrade, in the presence of a large number of dignitaries, our president, Mr. Kuzmanovic Milenko, was presented with a SPECIAL PLAQUE FOR THE MOST NOBLE ACHIEVEMENT OF 2022, which was unanimously decided by the jury, composed of the most eminent people from the cultural and public life in the composition of: he chairman academician Matija Beckovic, head of the VMA colonel prof. dr Miroslav Vukosavljevic, actresses Rada Đuricin and Tanja Boskovic, director of Komtrejd Veselin Jevrosimovic, fashion designer Verica Rakocevic, humanitarian Arno Guyon, responsible editor TV Pink information program Goran Gmitric, famous basketball player Dejan Tomasevic, editor-in-chief of Vecernje novosti Milorad Vucelic and director of Novosti company Olivera Andjelkovic.


There is no place for politics in our Association, but after the attack on Danica Crnogovčević, just because she sang the song the way it should be - the original and thus did not shape history as some would like - we as an Association that primarily deals with the preservation of Serbian tradition and culture offer our full support Danica Crnogorcevic.


For EXACTLY 60 years, Vecernje Novosti has been organizing the most important and beautiful action of Serbian journalism - The Noblest Feat of the Year. Academician Matija Beckovic called it the Serbian Legion of Honor. And indeed it is so the winners of the plaque, our ascetics, are among us whose works elevate man high and show him in the most beautiful image. Brave, daring, fearless, self-sacrificing, benevolent, humane, they are sources of true good. For six full decades, they have been our role models in the always turbulent times in our region. This is confirmed by the stories about the best among us whose humanitarian deeds and exploits marked the year 2022 as well. This year, among the winners (the ceremonial awarding of plaques takes place after all the holidays, which we will also write about) is the initiator of all of us in the Association, which was recently highlighted by the actor and our great friend, Milan Milosavljevic, who said, A person who sleeps little, thinks least about himself and always looks at how to help others - the winner of this extremely prestigious award is our Milenko Kuzmanovic. As we write this, we think about what to say...and we conclude only one thing. Words are redundant and actually small to describe Milenko. He should be known and experienced!


Hereby, we would like to thank all the media that reported the heroic feat of our founder and president, Mr. Milenko Kuzmanović, who on Saturday risked his life to save a family of three from an overturned car, all while driving in the opposite direction of the highway in order to reach them as soon as possible. Thank you. they also like what they have conveyed and that Milenko is the leader of our Association.


Today, our 40th humanitarian concert by Opanko via Vračar was held in the packed hall of the University of Božidarac - five years with you, where this time we helped with the work of the Serbian monastery Dragović, located in Dalmatia - the Republic of Croatia.


ANNOUNCEMENT Today, we submitted three criminal reports to the High Public Prosecutor s Office in Belgrade for the commission of a criminal offense under Article 317 of the RS CC - Inciting national, racial and religious hatred and intolerance against the participants of EUROPRAID 2022. We hereby emphasize that we have nothing against LGBT persons, if anything more. we know many and we are friends with many, but we have something against someone when he poses naked in front of St. Mark s church or when he mocks Jesus Christ or when he shouts in the middle of Belgrade that Kosovo is a republic.


From September 30 to October 2, our Association organizes the Witchcraft Educational Weekend as part of the European Heritage Day. See you in UK Bozidarac.


Today we participated in the celebration of the Day of Tradition, Unity and the Flag, and with our performance we celebrated this holiday in the City Municipality of Vracar.


Today in Belgrade, the third fair of folklore veterans organized by our Association was held. More than 300 people took part in the parade, dressed in national costumes and walking through the central city streets, which caused enthusiasm among the citizens. The joint concert was held at the Children s Cultural Center and it was opened by a member of the Council of the City of Belgrade, Mr. Vuk Mircetic.


The ensemble of veterans of our Association is ready to go to the international folklore festival in the Turkish fishing town of Sarlimsakli. We wish them a happy journey and that they return home with many awards and recognitions - just like last year.


Our gift play "12 playful princesses" on the occasion of five years of the Association Šiljkan, which we realized thanks to our friend Irena Adamovic ❤ and in cooperation with the choir "King Peter the First", the Association "Belgrade Elders and Toddlers", students 4/2 O.Š "Mihailo Petrović Alas" as well as with the music school "Dr. Vucković", and it aroused too many emotions in the citizens of Belgrade, mostly those that none of us expresses so easily ... PHOTO: Nebojsa Babic As in the previous five years, immense support: City Municipality of Vracar UK Božidarac


Yes… and believe it or not I was left speechless. Five years have passed since the launch of a new story, something I never imagined would be so big and recognizable not only in my Vracar and Belgrade, but also in Serbia and beyond. Today we marked the fifth birthday of our Association, as well as the celebration of St. Basil of Ostrog, on which occasion we presented plaques to those who selflessly support our work. What else to say except that we continue only stronger and better! Long live Serbia! - are the words of our president @milenko_kuzmanovic Once again, we would like to thank everyone for their selfless help in the work of our Association, and especially @gradska_opstina_vracar @bozidarac @bozidaracc @ hypetv.rs @hype_production_official @sasa_mirkovic_official @promotional material @kud_radost_


You can read the announcement of the humanitarian organization Mother of Nine Jugović from Kosovo and Metohija at the following link https://narodnekuhinjekim.com/udruzenje-siljkan-humanitarni-koncert-kao-podrska-radu-nk-na-kim/?fbclid=IwAR0Hge7hFDOnD4n8daNs4ONUE4J-9-w6J5TVcqhf7FVK7HtjQr


The management and members of our Association express their condolences to the family and employees of the PE Emission Technique on the occasion of the tragic death of the director Branko Gogic. Since our Association has existed, and it has been for five years, we have been cooperating with the director Gogic and Emision techniques - the head of the Aval Tower, we have only in the ascending path, always to the mutual satisfaction. Thanks to them, we organized several cultural events on the tower and we were always happy to respond to the invitation. Branko s departure is a great loss for his family and employees, as well as for those who knew him.


The founder and president of our Association, Mr. Milenko Kuzmanović, this year, for the fifth time in a row, entered the shortlist - the top three as a candidate for the award of the city of Belgrade for heroic deeds. In previous years, Milenko always missed the award. This year, when our Association is celebrating five years of existence, Milenko remained the only candidate for the prestigious award - the award of the city of Belgrade - Despot Stefan Lazarevic! Congratulations to our Milenko on this occasion and we wish him to be as he is forever!


Today, the regular assembly of the National Association CIOFF Serbia was held in Becej, in which our Association, ie the folklore ensemble, took part as members of the same. In the pleasant ambience of the Hotel Gold Coast, we summarized the period during the pandemic as well as the future plans of the association. In this way, all praise for the organization of the said Assembly and the entire management of CIOFF Serbia, as well as the hosts from KUD Đido / Becej Folk Fest.


The veterans ensemble was a guest at the annual concert with their dear friends - the Gledanica ensemble.


The ensemble of veterans participated in the folklore festival with our friends KUD Nera from Novi Sad.


From today until October 3, our Association is the organizer of the European Basin Day, and on the occasion of the Vracar Ethno Weekend, the organizer of the event in question. The rich cultural and artistic program starts at 6 pm and you can see the complete agenda of the event on our social networks.


Tonight in the gallery of the Center for Education and Culture Božidarac, the president of our Association, Mr. Kuzmanović, opened the event Vračar Ethno Weekend, which is held as part of the European Heritage Day. In addition to the audience, which was limited due to respect for epidemiological measures, the opening ceremony was attended by a member of the City Council of Vracar, Ms. Rakic, as well as the director of Bozidarc, Mr. Kljajic, and all of them said it was a great pleasure to support what Siljkan does.


Today, at the Belgrade Festival of Folklore Veterans and Recreationalists of Belgrade, our branches in Belgrade expanded and accepted us veterans. Our Association in Belgrade hosted 14 folklore ensembles from Belgrade and the whole of Serbia, as well as from the Republic of Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina.


The ensemble of veterans of our Association returned from the international folklore festival from the Turkish city of Sarimsakli, where they brought as many as four awards to Serbia. We congratulate our veterans on winning awards and wish them continued success in their work.


We would like to thank all the media that covered our participation in the international folklore festival in the Turkish city of Sarimsakli, and we would like to express our special THANKS to the daily KURIR. Thank you from my heart!


Today, the ensemble of veterans of our Association is heading to the international folklore festival in the Turkish city of Sarlimsakli. We wish them a happy journey and good performances.


Last weekend, the folklore ensembles of our Association participated in the festival Podrinje through song and dance in Banja Koviljača, where they presented themselves with the Games from Gjilan as well as the King s Circle. For the ensemble of veterans, this was also a dress rehearsal, considering that they will travel to the International Festival in Turkey in a few days.


There is no place for politics in our Association and there never will be, but as we are an Association that deals with the preservation of Serbian tradition and culture, we had to react against the provocative act of the Vice President of the Municipality of Bujanovac, a municipality within the Republic of Serbia. we have just filed a criminal complaint with our legal team under Articles 317 and 318 of the RS Criminal Code. It is inadmissible for the flag of the same to be taken down on the territory of the Republic of Serbia, tossed aside and to set the flag of another state, especially since he is the same state official - of the state whose flag he took down and threw. That is why, as many times before, when similar things happened, we reacted immediately. LONG LIVE SERBIA!


It is a great honor and pleasure that Mr. Denis Kruglov, the cultural attaché of the Embassy of the Russian Federation, visited our Association today. Our Association has had an outstanding cooperation with Mr. Denis for a long time, and with this visit we have only strengthened it even more.


Eternal glory to the Serbian Patriarch Mr. Irinej, whose blessing for the spiritual-cultural mission of our Association we will be very proud of, as before.


Regarding the surprising death od Serbian Partriarch Mr Irinej, we sent a letter of condolences to Serbian Orthodox chirch: To the whole Serbian Orthodox chirch we send our condolences for the death of his holyness Serbian Partriarch Irinej. The board and the members of Society for preservation of Serbian culture and tradition Siljkan.


As you know, our Association, ie the folklore ensemble is a member of the National Section CIOFF, which is a very big thing for us. In addition, we had to support, give a chance and join the newly formed Association of Folklore Ensembles of Serbia, in whose work we believe.


Today, lead by our president Milenko Kuzmanovic, we submited a demand to the Government of Serbia, to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and to the Ministry of Culture with a wish to ban the shameful and disrespectful "festival" "Mirëdita, good day" which is many things but a festival is not one od them! That "festival" is being used to present whole Kosovo cultural heritage, monasteries and history as albanian and not serbian which is pure provocation of people! We think that this event has no place in Belgrade because all they want to do is to provoke. They had the same idea and goal when they placed provocating photos all over a building. The photos contained an Albanian man who was breaking the crosses placed on the chirch. Our Society still has no political activity but we do want to preserve cultural heritage and tradition and we will do our best to do so! Long live Serbia!


On the 22th of October Belgrade will be the host of 7th annual festival, as they call it, "Mirëdita, good day". The goal of this "festival" is politics and rewritting the whole history behind Kosovo and Metohia and whole Kosovo heritage and monastires, and to talk about how that all is Kosovo heritage, and not Serbian, and also they glorify the culture of Kosovo Albanians. Our Society will talk with its legal team to talk through this "festival".


We welcome the launch of a site like this. www.narodnenosnjesrba.com


Today we signed a contract with the president of the Single Parent Society Vera Totic, a tehnical cooperation by which we binded ourselves that we will provide free folklore lessons for kids from the Single Parent Society. The lessons will be held in the Cultural center Bozidarac. Single Parent Society was founded on 2000., and it has 970 active members. Main goal of that Society is to provide help on many different ways to its members, but mainly to the children od the members. They started with some help in hygiene, food and clothes, and also legal help, summer trips for the children, school suplies, many one day trips, presents for New Year and Christmas...


We do not like to talk about politics but we must send our best wishes to the USA president Donald Trump amd his decision that all Serbian churches on Kosovo will be protected. This means a lot to us since we are people who deal with preservation of Serbian culture and traditions. Long live Serbia!


As you already know, we do not deal with politics and daily political issues but as people who deal with preservation of Serbian culture and tradition we must act. We as a Society strongly dissaprove the attacks on the decision for placing the monument of Stefan Nemanja, then the attacks on decieion for placing the biggest Serbian flag in Belgrade, a plan and an idea which we gave. We also dissaprove the attacks on the decision to play old Serbian songs from fountain on Slavija square and the decision to rearange some of the fortresses in Serbia... It is not a good thing to see that our political parties confront and argue with one another over our history and tradition and it is also bad to see that these attacks also come from foreign politicians. If The Albania, Great Britain, The Netherlands and other countries can, with proud, place their flags where ever they want, why is a bad thing if Serbia does the same? Long live Serbia!


Here s our opinion on the decision of the Turkish President to turn Hagia Sophia into mosque (it was at first Orthodox church, then later mosque, and then from 1934. by the decision of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk-the founder of modern Turkey and the father of Turks, it was turned into a museum. ), we sent a letter to Recep Tayyip Erdogan over the Turkish Embassy in Belgrade with an appeal to reconsider his decision.


On the next Saturday our Society will traditionaly be the co-organisator of the manifestation The dance from Cukarica is winding which is being held 11 years in a row as a part of RostiljiAda.


Recently, on the board meeting of our Society we elected new board members and picked our new vice president. They are the persons who helped to shape our Society. We welcome them and wish them success in the future


We agree with the jail time of 30 days which was given to I.M. from Subotica (51) who was cheering with a Croatian flag on Orthodox Christmas and was singing songs from Marko Perkovic-Tompson, a well non Serb hater from Croatia. He was charged on Criminal law, act 317 which we reported him for.


Our Society filed a civil lawsuit against unknow persons who call themselves "Young Vojvodina" or @MladaV on social media Facebook, Instagram and Twitter necause they broke Serbian laws from Criminal law, and those acts are 305, 307, 317, 319, and all of those are against Serbian teritorial law and against Serbian Orthodox church. We will wait for the response of Serbian high court for hightech criminal. We also filed a lawsuit against 51 year old I.M. from Subotica, who, knowing what he was doing, put out a large number of Croatian flags on Orthodox Easter day and also eas airing songs from Croatian singer and a well known hater of Serbia and its people, Marko Petrovic-Tompson. That way he not only obstructed people from Subotica, but also people from whole Serbia because his acts were aired all over the internet. By doing so, he broke the Serbian criminal law, act 317.


As a Society which is dealing with preservation of Serbian culture and tradition we hereby strongly dissagree with the actions of Milo Djukanovic who, on the Orthodox holiday Cveti, arrested and by that broke the constitution law of people who wanted to enter the Temple or were outside of the Temple because they were gathering outside. Montenegro as a country doesn t have any acts on banning the public gatherings, public movements and such because of the Covid-19. We would like to mention that a member of the Orthodox church Amfilohije was arrested as well as the priests who were in the Temple of Christs rebirth in Podgorica. The president of the Society, Milenko Kuzmanovic Long live Serbia!!!


Our Society is there to help all state institutions of Serbia in the battle against COVID-19. This way we would like to ask all our younger members to answer our call if we call them. We are informed that there are enough voulonteers so far, but that might not be the case in the future.


Today, the regular assembly of the National Association CIOFF Serbia was held in Becej, in which our Association, ie the folklore ensemble, took part as members of the same. In the pleasant ambience of the Hotel Gold Coast, we summarized the period during the pandemic as well as the future plans of the association. In this way, all praise for the organization of the said Assembly and the entire management of CIOFF Serbia, as well as the hosts from KUD Đido / Becej Folk Fest.


After over 35 hours without sleep, provocations from Kosovo police on the border Merdane we completed our mission! We drove our humanitarian aid to public kitchen "Mother of nine Jugovica" on Kosovo and Metohija. We met some wonferful people there who greeted us and who take care of more than 2000 people, take care about their meals. We there tried some of the best pie with what they greeted us. After a long trip and heavy administrative talks it was a pleasure to se how people take care of sheep, goats, pigs, cows... Seeing all that we are sure that our help wont stop here!


Happy Independence day Serbia!


-We would like to inform you that we got an answer regarding our report to the Higher court in Beldrade from 18th of September 2019., the report about unknow person and his law breaking from the 317th act of Criminal law of Serbia. Out president got an invitation from the police where they stated that he must come tomorrow to their office to five his statement about the case. We would like to congradulate the Higher court on their fast responce and we hope that we will put an end to the destroying of the cultural goods on the "Pride" every year.


As in previous years, between the Orthodox New Year and Saint Sava, we surprise the children of our members with packages. Thank you to friends and donors who recognize our work and who have been with us since day one.


Happy Orthodox Christmas to all who celebrate it worldwide today.


We finished our first veteran folklore ensamble festival which we organised. We hosted 16 ensambles in Belgrade, ensambles from Belgrade, from all over Serbia and also from countries around, with a total of 281 members. Belgrade deserves a manifestation like this one and that is why we promise that "Belgrade folklore festival" will become a tradition. We woula like to inform you that we will see each other again in 12. September of 2020.


Soon our new website will be up and running, a website for our Belgrade festival. Visit www.beogradskasmotra.co.rs


DISSAPROVAL TOWARDS THE ACTS OF KOSOVO POLICE We as a society which is trying to preserve Serbian tradition and culture (and not politics) hereby harshly dissaprove primitive and wild behaviour of Kosovo criminal police and what they did to non albanian people (people from Serbia,Montenegro,Serbian Repiblic) who were peacefully going to Gazimestan to celebrate Vidovdan on 28th of June. We would like to ask Kosovo criminal police and whole European Union and USA do they know what happened on 28th of June 1389.? Do they know who was Duke Stefan Lazarevic? This primitive behaviour of their police (undressing people,taking away their personal belongings,throwing away Serbian flags) is for a major dissaproval atleast! We would like to ask what would happen and how would the international community react if they threw flags of USA and/or EU? To be honest,we doubt that the international community will react in any way...


Our Society decided to make first meeting of folklore veterans in Belgrade with the help from our board. The meeting is set to be on 14th of September 2019.at 18h in Childrens cultural center in Belgrade.


Recently we talked about the suggestion we gave to city of Belgrade and Kikinda about renaming certain streets and giving them names in memory of recently deceased Radojica Kuzmanovic. We would like to inform you that we received a response from them and the response is under the number VI-02-031-253/18 where they inform us that one of the conditions is that it must be at least 3 years from someones death in order to change the name of the street. We checked the law in Serbia and it is different from town to town, from village to village.We will wait those 3 years so we can send our request again and also we will talk with honorable people of our town to see if they can send a request to change that rule about the 3 year mark.


Last saturday we finished the organisation of cultural event "The dance od Cukarica" on Ada Ciganlija and we are already starting with "Vracar cultural summer" where we are the organisators under the leadership of Vracar county.


As a proof that time flies there is a fact that 'recently' I was thinkin about what to say for our first birthday, and here we are at the second one already. In the past 365 days we again did so many humanitarian concerts, charity events, donating blood, collecting clothes for the needy, doing lots of public speaches and manifestations, collecting books for National library of Serbia... We received many awards for our work and our plan is to do so many things and we know only one thing, and that is that we will succeed. All our results and goals are there because we think carefully before we do anything, and also we have a great help from our volunteers and numerous private companies who recognise our work and help us on any way they can. This way I would like to wish to all the members of our Society happy second birthday and happy Saint Vasilije Ostroski day. The president of the Society Milenko Kuzmanovic


We talked about our suggestion to the Belgrade and Kikinda City Halls about naming/ renaming some streets to Radojica Kuzmanovic street who recently deceased, we inform you that we received information from Kikinda commission for renaming streets, squares and other populated places (decision number III-01-015-2/2019) that our request is reasonable but because of economic reasons (people would have to change their ID-s because of street name change) right now that request is not doable. However, next time when the discuss about street name changes in Kikinda start, our request will be kept in mind.


We would like to wish Happy Easter to everyone who celebrates.


Today we traditionaly cheered up our little friends from "Dragutin Filipovic-Jusa" fosters home as well as single parent children from Vracar by bringing them Easter eggs which we did with our members and veterans from KUD Nikola Tesla GSP Belgrade.


Humanitarian folklore concert for Pavlovic Nikola (3) from Arandjelovac. 1.Concert- on Saturday, 20th of April at 18:00h in 'Bozidarac' Our children s and youth ensembles. 2.Concert- on Monday,22nd of April at 19:30h at 'Terazije' theater. Preforming ensemble, foreign troupes... Also we will have a special Spanish surprise guest who is coming from Switzerland. Ticket price is 300 RSD. Come and enjoy in our beautiful acts and also come so we can together support and help little Nikola!


We wish Happy Serbian-Orthodox New Year to all our members,frends and followers.


As a proof of our good deeds and actions we received once again, this time in 2019., The "Certificate Trustworthy company' for outstanding reputation and consistency in our line of work, and also for decent cooperation with our clients and business associates.


Tomorrow is the first day, the beginning. I wish you that things that hurt you stop hurting, and that those who didn t love you start loving you. I wish you that your kids become better than you so you can brag about them more than they brag about you. I wish you that your legs serve you well, so that you spend most of the New Year on your feet, to have more work than free time, and yet that you have enough time for yourselves and people that love you the most. I wish you that people need you more than you need them. That you wish and can accomplish more than you need, and everything that comes above your needs you share with people who can t do it themselves. Don t take much more than you can give and think about those around you from who some things will be taken. At the end, I wish you that this New Year brings more happiness than the last one did.With corrected verses of Dusko Radovic, Society Siljkan and its president Milenko Kuzmanovic wish you all this and much more.


As a Society who is doing everything to preserve tradition,culture and family values we STRONGLY DISAPPROVE the profane of the national costume on the Pride. We don t have anything against LGBT population but this profane of Serbian culture and history is unacceptable.


Some time ago we told you that our Society started an initiative so that the Serbian memorial graveyard in Thessaloniki- Zejtinlik gets bigger financial resources for fixing the infrastructural problems which the graveyard has. We got help from the Secretary of the President of Serbia,the Board for culture and informing, Cabinet of the President of National Assembly and the Ministry for work, employment and social affairs. We recieved a memo on 14th of Septembre 2018. from Ministry for work, employment and social affairs which is registred under the number 011-00-677/1/2018-11 with the information that the sanation of the graveyard has started, that the Board for preservation of cultural monuments of Serbia already made a project for the sanation of the graveyard and they thanked us for the concern that our Society shows when it comes to preservation of war monuments. This way we would like to express our gratitude one more time because our initiative was confirmed and approved and we ...


PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT As a nongovernmental-nonprofitable Society which is dealing with preservation of Serbian tradition and culture and as a Society which doesnt care about daily political issues we hereby sharply criticize recent arrest of French humanist Arno Gujon and his banning on entry on Kosovo and Metohija for indefinite period of time by the decision of Kosovo police. If the police of Kosovo treats a French citizen this way (and we belive and are certain that they did that only because he helps Serbian people on Kosovo), we can only ask a logical question: How do they treat Serbian people who are on Kosovo? We hereby ask and insist that the International Community, French Embassy in Serbia and Embassies of other EU members act with urgency so that the ban on entry on Kosovo for Mister Gujon gets revoked as soon as possible and that his humanitarian work, which he is doing for the past 14 years helping Serbian people on Kosovo, continues without setbacks.


Yesterday we were on the marking of the statehood of Srpska Republic in Kombank hall in Serbia, where almost all of the highest state representatives of Serbia and Srpska Republic were present. LONG LIVE SERBIA LONG LIVE SRPSKA REPUBLIC!


A while ago our Society started the initiative in order to award bigger financial resources to the Serbian cemetery Zejtinlik in Thessaloniki since the cemetery is in desperate need of repairs (people who went there know how big the difference is in the look of our cemetery and the cemeteries of French,Russian,Italian and English fighters). Even tho we were a bit skeptical about the response we will get on our suggestion, we have to say that we are pleased with the communication with offices in charge. In that communication are included General Secretary of President of Serbia, Board for culture and briefing, The cabinet of the President of the Serbian Parliament, and from not long ago the Ministry of work,employment and social affairs. We believe that the offices in charge will recognize the importance of our suggestion and that they will adopt the law for the good of whole Serbian people and our history of which we must be very proud.


Last weekend we were in Strumica-Knin(Republic Croatia) where,before the war in 1990s, was a Serbian majority,and it is still like that but with less people than before,and we attended a manifestation called "24th Cjelo Tromedje". We congradulate the organisators on their work on the manifestation and we wish "Cjelo" to last many more years!


Yesterday we were at the reception in Embassy of Malaysia in Belgrade, our dear friends. With pleasant ambient and coffee we talked about recent action we organised where the Embassy of Malaysia and their dance group gladly answer our call to preform with us. The mutual conclusion was that the cooperation between our Society and Embassy of Malaysia and their dance group will continue on mutual pleasure.


Finally,after more than 15 years, National museum re-opens in Belgrade. New exhibit consists of an enormous chronological range from far paleolithic era all the way up to the 20th century art. The exhibition is on three levels,and it has about 5000м² of space. After the reconstruction of the museum building from 1903. and annex from 1933.,and after three years from last exhibition held in 2015., the National museum re-opens officially on 28th of June 2018. on a big Serbian holiday,Vidovdan.


On Saturday in front of the Saint Sava s temple we witnessed a magnificent concert preformed by Red Army ensamble "Aleksandrov". In front of few thousand people along with magnificent scenography and ambient ensamble preformed both Russian and Serbian acts under the artistic leadership of Gennady Sachenyuk.


Official anouncement: After the tv host and charity concerts which we organised and after which our telephones are ringing non-stop,our mail is full with mails,text messages...we hereby inform you that we are a non-profit society of people which is not in the budget of the republic and everything we do is volountering and everyone who ask us for a financial help we cant help you because we ourselves dont have financies for that. We belive that there are many people who need that kind of help but also you need to know that we can t help with every situation unfortunately. The charity concerts that we are doing right now are realised in the cooperation with head people from Terazije theater aswell as from Bozidarac,and all ith help from various cultural societies,ensambles... Only thing that we can say for sure is that our Society will always answer to any charity action and that we will continue with our charity work in the future by organising more concerts.


After yesterdays 9th Cukarica grillfest where our Society was the organisator of cultural programme we continue with our work today with the preparation of the charity concert for help for little Masa Artiko


...I remember how long it took to plan and found a society like this one,a society which wont be oriented only to a traditional dance, but also to preservation of Serbiam tradition and culture, and one year ago that was realised for less than 24 hours. In the year of our existence we did a lot which can be seen by everyone because we leave the resaults behind us,we won a lot of thank-you notes and awards...and we plan so many things that we dont know how are we going to do all of them,but we know we will! All the resaults we accomplish becasue everything is calculated over and over again and also,because we have great help from our members who are volunteering in our society. This way I would like to say 'Happy first birthday' to all members of our Society and to wish that we celebrate it for many many years! President Milenko Kuzmanovic


We wish happy Easter to our members, followers and friends. President Milenko Kuzmanovic


In the organisation of 'Children of Palilula' on wednesday, 4th of April the traditional manifestation 'Easter magic' will be held in Konak of princes Ljubica. Our Society will attend this manifestatiom this year and that way,amd with other activities, we will show our support.


Our society is going to be a partner in organisation of the competition 'Čukaričko se kolo vije' which will be held on 19th of May on Ada Ciganlija for the ninth time in a row.


Our Society is starting with the campaign on resolving problems with ATA passes for cultural and artistic societies on a global scale. Everyone who is willing to assist us in any way please contact us (even if you are willing to make a petition in your area in order to collect signatures).


Today, in the full hall of Youth theatre DADOV we had our first (and it won’t be the last ) free lecture on a subject ‘’The importance of the tradition of one nation’’ which was lead by Slobodan Mirkovic, Punisa Todorovic and Luka Volarevic, outstanding men in their work. That way we showed that it is possible to do something such as this completely free. In little less than 2 hours of the lecture we talked about various of subjects, and at the end people who attended could ask lecturers any question about the subject in which way they could clear and doubts they might had. We promised that we won]t stop here and that we will see each other soon in a close future.


Yesterday we traveled through Serbia on our big holiday,Saint Sava s day,and we went to Zica monastery.


As our little contribution, we donated 200-250 dvd discs to the Correctional facility in Valjevo. That way we supported the idea thay they deserve a second chance in the society.


Our official youtube channel is starting with work from today.


Thanks to our friends,the donors,we provided presents for Serbian new year for the children of our members.


On the second day of Christmas we visited Romania and monastery Mesic, which is on the southeast part of Banat, where the borders of the Carpathian mountain forest get in touch with Pannonian Plain, close to Vrsac Vineyards. Mesic monastery was pronounced female monastery in the year 1952. by Visarion (Kostic) ,the Bishop of. From that year on the head of the monastery is the prioress Teodora (Milosevic) , and during her time as a prioress the temple was renewed, the monastery cells and buildings were fixed, as well as the monastery library and archives. The Mesic temple is the home of the miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary.


We wish happy Christmas eve and Merry Christmas to all our members and friends who celebrate Christmas!


First working day in the new year we start with actions. Today, in the City hall of Belgrade and in the hall of Vracar we submitted out petition for the changing of the name ‘’Bozidarac 1947’’ to Vracar institution of culture, and that way we might also changed its future purpose and task. For a short period of time, not days but hours, we collected little over 500 signatures,and if it is required we will continue this action and collect more signatures.


Today we were guests at 'slava' celebration of Saint day - St. Nicholas of our long-time friends from the Yugoslav River Shipping.


As the book collection campaign three days ago has finished on Friday, we donated the same to the National Library of Serbia today. And this way, we thank the many donors who gave us their books for this purpose. We continue this successful campaign next year when we will donate books to a library in Serbia, which you will again choose in your suggestions.


With great pleasure we welcome the decision of "Unesco" to place the Serbian Kolo in the cultural heritage of humanity.


Soon, our Association will organize a free lecture on the theme "Importance of the tradition of one nation". Follow us and be part of it.


As someone who strives to be part of the preservation of Serbian tradition and culture, we strongly condemn the statement of the former "protector of the citizens" Mr. Sasa Jankovic regarding Decani and Gracanica, if the statement is of course correct, which was reported by almost all Serbian media. Mr. Jankovic knows very well who Stefan Decanski and Car Dusan are, who was master Vito Kotoranin, who was King Milutin and so on... as well as that Kosovo and Metohija is a Serbian land. Once again, while disregarding daily political events, we condemn the statement of Mr. Jankovic and we are asking that at the very least he could do a public apology to the entire Serbian people, and especially the Serbs from Kosovo and Metohija for such provocative statements.


The collection campaign that we will give to a library in Serbia lasts until December 15th. Please, if you have surplus books, please contact us, even if it is just one book.


Last weekend we were visiting one of the oldest opanak maker in Serbia in the workshop "Drak?e" in Svilajnac, where we were convinced of the quality and tradition for over half a century.



On the initiative of our members in the year of 2018.we changed our bylaw in which we added a folkolre ensamble "Siljkan" to our Society which, in a very short time, became a member of CIOFF (Conseil International des Organisations de Festivals de Folklore et d'Arts Traditionnels). On its repertoare our folklore ensamble has many choreographies and they are known worldwide:
-Dances from the South
-Dance from Gnjilane
-Gypsy lover dance
-Shepherd danceoff
-Dance from West Serbia
-Dances from Bosilegrad
-Dance from Vlaska
-Dances from Belgrade area
-Vranje entourage
-Bunch of dances from Southeast Serbia
-Dance from Vranje
-Dances from Leskovac
-Dance from Crna Trava
-Funny dance from Banat
-Central Serbia dance
-Oldtown dance- King's wheel

Old crafts in preparation





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